Using a keyboard on your PC or tablet? If you're not using keyboard shortcuts then your wasting time that could be spent doing something more interesting!

Here's some of our best-loved time savers:

Ctrl + C (Copy)

Ctrl + V (Paste)

Ctrl + Z (Undo - we know, you're perfect and will never need this feature!)

Ctrl + Shift + T   (Reopen the last closed tab - admit it, it happens...)

Ctrl + F (find/search)

F3 (Search)

Double-click mouse (select entire word)

Ctrl + A (Select All - everything)

Alt + click mouse (Select START of specific region of text that you want to select)

Shift + click mouse (Select END of specific region of text that you want to select; the END point could be several pages down, saving wasted time using that scroll wheel!)

Alt + F7 (Move to the next misspelled word - again, we know that you always have excellent spelling!)

Alt + TAB (switch between apps)

Windows logo + Left arrow (view two apps side-by-side, called "Snap Assist"; once first app is 'snapped' into position, select the next app from the list of tiles on the right)

Windows logo + L (Lock - a.k.a "Lunch break - hands off my computer!")

Windows logo + Ctrl + D (Create a virtual Desktop, a.k.a "the boss is coming")

Windows logo + Ctrl + F4 (close the virtual Desktop)

Windows logo + TAB (Move between your secret virtual Desktops that you've created)

Windows logo + "+" [plus key] (Zoom in, a.k.a "forgot my specs")

Windows logo + "-" [minus key] (Zoom out)

...and here's a link to the full list, so that you can become a Keyboard Shortcut Instructor: