Simultaneous orders

What is a simultaneous provide?
This is where a customer places a PSTN and broadband order together, either with the same or different providers. The orders are linked together by BTOR using a LORN (Linked Order Reference Number) and delivered on the same day. This process reduces the overall provisioning lead time, as customers don’t need to wait a further 5-10 working days for their broadband service after their PSTN line is installed.

What’s the difference between SIM1 and SIM2?
The original SIM1 process took up to 90 days for the broadband order to be matched to the PSTN order on BT’s systems using a LORN. SIM1 LORNs have 10 characters – the first 3 are varying letters e.g. BRF1234567. However, the SIM1 process was not always successful. For example, orders could easily be separated if the installation dates didn't match and if the order was cancelled both parts of the order needed to be cancelled separately. Sometimes, the PSTN line would be provisioned but the broadband would be cancelled.

The new SIM2 process improves the link between the orders in the BTOR system and allows up to 3 days for the orders to be matched. SIM2 LORNs also have 10 characters – but the first 4 are ‘SIM2’ e.g. SIM2123456. The SIM2 process aims to provide a smoother order process. For example, matched orders are linked together more effectively meaning where a date change or cancellation occurs on one it is also reflected on the other. If the orders are not successfully matched within the shorter 3 day period the whole order is rejected not just in part.