Quick guide to ADSL ceases

There are three types of ADSL cease

1. Managed BT cease -when a cease or change on the PSTN line causes all services on the line to be ceased
2. Requested ADSL cease - when you request a cease of the broadband
3. When a user moves to and from an LLU provider

All of these above invoke an ADSL cease fee.

Common questions:

I have used a mac key yet we have been charged a cease fee - why?

The charge is from BT because you are moving either to an LLU platform/provider from IPStream or vis versa.
This automatically invokes a cease fee from BT. However it is not like a normal requested cease - you do not have to pay a new activation fee to get the broadband installed with the new supplier or await the broadband install.

I have being charged a cease fee yet I have not requested a cease of the broadband - why?

This would be an automated BT cease due to your PSTN line being stopped or changed in some way. You could have changed phone provider which would invoke a cease, sometimes a cease and reprovide is done which also causes the broadband to stop and any other services on the line. You may have changed address or name on your phone bill. This cease causes the broadband service to stop and the only way to get your broadband back is to pay for a new broadband service on the line and await the broadband install.