When David A. Huffman introduced data compression back in 1952 he had no idea that it would later be used to compress data from satellites in the 1970s - which did not have fast broadband connections back to earth - and he certainly didn't envision how it would be used in the 21st century. If you are on a slow-ish broadband connection (for whatever reason), then Mr Huffman's pioneering work is about to give you a turbo boost of up to 90%. (If used on a mobile phone, this will also result in up to 90% less data charges.) This is also ideal when roaming abroad and you need to reduce your data consumption!

What you will need: a free browser installed on your PC | Mac | iPhone | Android phone

Windows PC
Android phone | tablet
iPhone | iPad

2019: New app "Opera Touch" for iOS (only install this if Opera Mini is "unavailable")

Once installed, check the following 3 sections below to enable turbo/data saver; Config for Mac or PC, Config for Android phone/tablet, Config for iPhone/iPad

(With Turbo and Data saving enabled, you may also want to enable Ad blocking and Popup blocking to further reduce data consumption - also in Settings)

Config for Mac or PC

Turbo mode works by compressing the data before it travels down the internet to your device - perfect! It's already enabled on the phone/tablet apps, but for Windows and Mac computers enable turbo mode as follows:

  1. Start Opera browser and click the Opera menu icon (top-left)
  2. Choose Settings, and click Browser
  3. At the bottom of the settings menu tick the box "Show advanced settings"
  4. Now tick the box at the bottom of the settings options "Enable Opera Turbo"

Config for Android phone/tablet

Once installed, click the Opera icon in the bottom right, go to Settings, and enable Data savings

Config for iPhone/iPad

Since mid-2018 the Opera Mini app has been paused, with a new app to replace it called "Opera Touch". It has a speed boost built in by default, but we still recommend enabling Ad Blocking from the Settings menu: