In the attached PDF published by BT Wholesale in May 2020, it may be possible to reduce the ETC fees (Early Termination Charges) where a customer has ceased trading due to the COVID situation. As per paragraph 2 of the T&Cs the customer would need to provide documentary evidence of one of the following:

  • Has gone into compulsory or voluntary administration and a receiver has been appointed
    • Additonal confirmation from the nominated receiver would be required
  • Is subject to a bankruptcy order; copy of public document order will suffice for verification
  • Goes into liquidation (except for reconstruction or amalgamation)
    • Copy of official documentation would be required for validation
  • Officially registers as ceased to trade or operate (collectively known as an“Insolvency Event”)
    • Copy of official documentation would be required for validation

Any customers who find themselves in such an circumstance should immediately acquire the relevant official document copies as PDFs or JPEG scans, and we will liaise with BT to apply for reduced termination charges. This is not a gurantee that an offer of reduced charges will be provided, and is designed to assist genuine hardship cases.

*** Offer ends 30th June 2020 ***