Overview: What are the realistic expectations of purchasing Enhanced Care for FTTP lines?

Costs: usually between £10 to £15 extar per month, depending upon the type of FTTP circuit and the location (some regions are acknowledged by OfCom as being located in more expensive locations due to remoteness and other factors)

BT define "Enhanced Care" as:

  • "aiming" to respond to an incident within 2 hours (Mon-Fri, 09:00-17:00)
  • "aiming" to resolve the incident within 20 hours

Additionally, in our contract we will also be able to secure priority if engineers are needed to perform site visits and external work, jumping the queue of other "standard" work tasks that they may have. Generally we have found that Enhanced Care does provide prompter repsonse times, and always results in much faster OpenReach engineer assigments where site work is required.

In order to make best use of this enhancement it's vital to gather all of the usual diagnostic info in readiness to escalate an "Incident"; for example, if something as basic as turning the power off/on has not been carried out then this does net yet qualify as an "Incident". Therefore, using advice on this Knowledge base website, undertaking thorough diagnostics and recording the results will help you to secure an "Incident" ticket without having to go away are undertake further tests.