The BT Wholesale availability checker is confusing, but this article will help. You can access the BT Wholesale checker here:

As of Nov-2018 there are 2 distinctly different types of FTTP, both are Fibre To The Premises, but are charged differently.

  • FTTP
  • FTTP on Demand

*** Please see BT Wholesale technical document at the end of this article ***

"FTTP" is mainly a funded implementation, affording cheap connection (usually £0.00) and cheap subscriptions, more inline with "SuperFast" FTTC prices. On the other hand, "FTTP on Demand" carries an non-refundable £250 site survey fee AND the full cost of installation - construction charges - often somewhere between £5000 and £50,000; additionally, the monthly subscription costs are in excess of £100 pm (wholesale). This results in "FTTP on Demand" orders coming from businesses with the corresponding budget; residential users would rarely have the budget for it.

How to differentiate between "FTTP" and "FTTP on Demand" using BT Wholesale's checker

When you look at the typical results from BT Wholesale's checker, please carefully note the 1st column named "Featured Products". The items in this column are different for each address in the UK; if "FTTP" is unavailable, it often will not be listed.

The following screenshot shows typical results available at many UK addresses. Although we see columns for "WBC FTTC", we need to focus on the 1st column "Featured Products". Note that "FTTP on Demand" is listed, and it shows the speed "330" (Mbps) and that the service is "Available".

OK, now let's compare the results of another address where "FTTP" (not "FTTP on Demand") is available. Note the presence in the 1st column of a "Featured Product" named "WBC FTTP"; this means that "FTTP" is being implemented in that area, and it too is listed as "Available". This is where things can get confusing, but please read on!

Sometimes you may also see "FTTP on Demand". In all cases you should also look for which "market", as in the example below where "Market A" is shown; the wholesale prices can more than double depending upon the "market" area that has been agreed with OfCom.


If performing a check for a business, with a £100+ monthly budget, then "FTTP on Demand" is worth considering. If checking for availability of "FTTP" (similar prices to FTTC), then you need to check for "WBC FTTP" in the 1st column - if the phrase "WBC FTTP" is not shown in the 1st column, then it's not available.

Our advice: if you see "WBC FTTP" in the "Featured Products" column, then grab the opportunity for a free install and catapult that address into the UltraFast world of pure fibre!