Overview: when we arrange to install FTTP (pure fibre directly into your building) an OpenReach engineer will feed the optical cable through the exterior and into your property. A small box will be fitted inside your building to terminate the optical cable and manage the optical signals - an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). A power socket will be required to power the ONT box, and another power socket for your WiFi router.


The PON (Passive Optical Network) light means that the optical network is live

A red LOS light (Loss Of Service) indicates a problem


On the base of the OpenReach ONT are power and optical, which the OpenReach engineer will connect for you, and "Port 1" to connect your separate WiFi router.

All you will need to do is connect the yellow "Port 1" on the OpenReach ONT to the red "WAN port" on the WiFi router that we will supply you with. No setup or configuration is required - everything has already been configured remotely by us.

The WiFi router shown above is a Technicolor DWA0120, our most common router for FTTP. If you have requested 1 Gbps or faster, we will be supplying a special router capable of handling those speeds. All routers contain instructions in the box, and we are able to provide remote assistance so as to optimize your experience.