Overview: Content filtering may result in a "false positive" and require disabling. If you are using a 4G or 5G internet connection then it's possible that the industry self-regulated content filtering may block access to content that you do want. To permanently disable content filtering on such networks please submit a ticket request and we will instruct the network to "whitelist" your connection; this is a manual process and usually takes 1 to 2 working days. During the interim, or simply to occasionally overcome content filtering "false positives", try this simply work-around below using the free VPN service offered by the Opera browser.

Download the Opera browser for Mac or Windows

Check presence of filtering

Verify that content filtering is the cause, using a free check such as http://testfiltering.com/business/ (There is no need to supply an organization name or postcode - just tap Start Test)

Enable VPN

To turn on VPN (we recommend only using it as-and-when required, as it can slightly reduce your speed) click the VPN icon in the Opera address bar:

Click the settings icon (cog) and disable "Bypass VPN for default search engines" - this forces all of your traffic through the VPN, thus overcoming content filtering.

...and whilst you're in the settings section choose "Basic" (left menu) and enable "Block ads and surf the web up to 3 x faster"

Now re-test to verify that the previously blocked content is accessible; be sure to let us know if you need the content filtering permanently removing from your service.