H3G (the 5G/4G netowkr partner) work together with industry peers, regulators, government, law enforcement agencies, children's charities and the Internet Watch Foundation to offer safeguards to protect children from inappropriate content online.

The network has filters that can be applied for customers under the age of 18. The filters have been developed in line with the content self-regulation code of practice that we produced alongside other mobile operators in the UK and are based on an independent framework produced by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).
The BBFC classifies online adult content as anything that can be described as violent, gory, sexually explicit or drug-related in the same way that 18+ film and video content is classified. You can find out more about the classification of adult content on the BBFC site.
In support of the UK government's drive to improve internet safety, all 5G and 4G services will have the internet content filter switched on by default. This is to make sure that only age-appropriate content is viewable. You can switch this filter off at any time by submitting a ticket request.