BT Wholesale speed tests are logged to a special diagnostic server; performing the speed test will enable us to optimize your line and also can be used as evidence of slow speeds, requiring a swift resolution. If you're asked to carry out a speed test please proceed as outlined below. Please Copy & Paste the following and populate with your details and results:

Tip: to start Windows 10 in "Safe Mode with Networking" see this article:

### ----- Begin Copy & Paste ----- ###

Question 1: Diagnostics environment during the test? YES/NO
(Definition: only 1 device connected, via Ethernet cable; WiFi OFF; router rebooted; computer rebooted, preferably into "Safe Mode with Networking")
Question 2: Router make: 
Question 3: Router model: 
Question 4: Computer operating system: 
Question 5: Default gateway (if known): 
Question 6: Date:

Question 7a: Test 1 time:
Question 7b: Test 1 ping:
Question 7c: Test 1 download:
Question 7d: Test 1 upload:

Question 8a: Test 2 time:
Question 8b: Test 2 ping:
Question 8c: Test 2 download:
Question 8d: Test 2 upload

Question 9a: Test 3 time:
Question 9b: Test 3 ping:
Question 9c: Test 3 download:
Question 9d: Test 3 upload

### ----- End Copy & Paste ----- ###

Run speed test at

Go to in your browser and click Go

Speed testing

Wait for the download and upload speed tests to complete


Make a note of the ping, download, and upload results; reply to any request we may have made with the date/time of the speed test, together with the results and report back to us.

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