Overview: One of our key suppliers, BT Wholesale, advise that they are now on "emergency only" contact; they will only be responding to contact if it relates to an MSO (a service outage affecting more that 25 addresses in an area). Download the PDF for details.

Implications: we sadly must advise that even our customers with dedicated internet access lines will not have access to any BT or OpenReach support until this supplier-chain is able to report normal operations.

Remedy and suggestions: we advise customers that do not yet have our "5G/4G Backup" to consider purchasing this add-on immediately; we still have ability to drop-ship 5G and 4G backup routers for next-day deployment. For staff working from home on any BT or OpenReach maintained lines, consider ordering from us a 4G business router + 1 month tariff contract, and we will apply maximum discount to your account.

BT Wholesale PDF attached below. Preview follows...