Ready to have a go at editing your website yourself? If you've subscribed to one of our Cloud WordPress packages then feel free to pick up the keys and take a test drive.

To gain access to the website editor you'll need to visit your website address (or temporary link, if your website is not yet live) with /wp-admin appended:

Login using your admin username & admin password


If you've never used WordPress before we recommend a little reading over at - the official site. 

There are 1000's of free training videos online, such as here:

However, since we include Divi modules you can probably just skip this and move to the next section: Divi Editor

Divi Editor

We include this editor because it is easy to use, and gives you a visual "drag & drop" way of editing your website. There are excellent step-by-step guides on the Divi website here:

Additional advice

You will no doubt want to upload photos to your site. Be sure to optimize them (free tool here: so that visitors to your website see fast-loading images, rather than bloated and slow pages; we recommend HD size images (1280x720). On a budget, or just want to test out WordPress? Whilst we do recommend paying for some high-quality photography, be sure to make full use of royalty-free images such as here:


Whatever you do, make sure that you have a backup plan in place for WordPress - there are paid subscriptions and free plugins. You'll also need to regularly (at least once per month) apply any updates for WordPress and plugins - this will ensure that your website does not become compromised (hacked!) due to out-of-date code. If you want to out-source this task, we can offer a reasonably-priced service to take care of backups and updates for your peace of mind.

Please put this in perspective: WordPress is by far the most popular website core, and very easy to use. Have fun!