Overview: here are our recommend steps to install WordPress on one of our cloud hosting packages, and the tools to backup/restore/edit your database directly (even if you're locked out of WordPress).

  • Download the latest version of WordPress from https://en-gb.wordpress.org/download/
  • Unzip and locate the files in the folder "WordPress"
  • FTP into your cloud server (we recommend the free tool FileZilla at https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client
    You will require:
    • FTP server: example - ftp.domain-name.com
    • FTP username: example - 123x12345
    • FTP password: ********
  • Copy (drag & drop) the WordPress files (inside the "WordPress" folder) into the folder "htdocs" on your FTP cloud server
    (Wait for the file transfer to complete)
  • Visit your website in a browser; example: http://domain-name.com
    You will require:
    • MySQL server (host): example - 123x12345.domain-name.com
    • MySQL DB (database) name: 123x12345
    • MySQL username: 123x12345
    • MySQL password: ********
    • Make a note of this tool to administer/backup the DB at a later time: https://www.mysql.com/products/workbench/
  • Follow the on-screen WordPress setup instructions, enter the above MySQL database settings
    Make a note of your WordPress Admin settings:
    • WP Admin URL: example - http://domain-name.com/wp-admin
    • WP Admin username: example - 123x12345
    • WP Admin password: ********
    • WP Admin email address: example - my-email@domain-name.com
  • Login to the WordPress admin console; example http://domain-name.com/wp-admin

We recommend optimization using a minimal set of plugins; spend time reading reviews as there are many good free plugins. Some areas to research:

  • File compression
  • Cache
  • Google AMP optimization
  • Image compression
  • Database optimization and cleanup
  • We also recommend adding an SSL certificate (which we can do for you)

You're now on your way to becoming a WordPress expert! Congratulations.