Users can manage personal voice mailbox features via their voice handset, or via web app.


Each user will typically have their own unique extension number. Dial *97 to access the menu. (You may be prompted for your voicemail password)

SUB-MENU Level 2
1 - New messages
3 - Advanced options
1 - Send a reply

2 - Call sender

3 - Hear the message details

4 - Leave a message

* - Return to menu

5 - Repeat message

7 - Delete this message

8 - Forward message

9 - Save

* - Help

# - Exit

2 - Change folders
0 - New messages

1 - Old messages

2 - Work messages

3 - Family messages

4 - Friend messages

# - Cancel

3 - Advanced options
1 - Send reply

2 - Call sender

3 - Hear message details

4 - Leave message

* - Return to menu

0 - Mailbox options
1 - Record your unavailable message
1 - Accept this recording

2 - Listen to your recording

3 - Re-record your message

2 - Record your busy message
1 - Accept this recording

Web app

The user can log onto their personal web app by going to https://ipaddress:8089 (replace "ipaddress" with the local IP address of the PBX, usually or Type in your extension number (example 1023) and web app password.

You will be able to change a variety of settings, such as email address, password and so forth. You can listen to recordings, upload custom greeting recordings, and more.

Basic Information
Under this menu, the user can configure and change his/her personal information including (first name, last
name, password, email address, department…). And they can also set and activate their extension features
(presence status, call forward, DND ….) to be reflected on the UCM.
Also, the user can see from this menu the Call Details Records and search for specific ones along with the
possibility to download the records on CSV format for later usage.

Personal Data
Under this section, the user can access and manage their personal data files which includes (voicemail files, call
recordings, and fax files) along with the possibility to set Follow me feature to without requesting the Super admin
to set the feature from admin account.

Value-added Features
On this section, the user has access to manage and use all rich value-added features which includes.
+ WebRTC connection and making calls from the browser.
+ Sending Fax files using PDF or TIF/TIFF format.
+ If user is a member of call queue, they can check the queue’s activity from the “Call Queue” section.
+ Create and enable WakeUp service.
+ Enable and configure CRM connection to either SugarCRM or Salesforce

For help with specific settings and features, please submit a ticket, along with your extension number, and we'll give you specific assistance.