The GS Wave app allows the user to scan a QR code for auto-configuration. The user's iPhone (or Android SmartPhone) can then be used as a VoIP handset, inside and outside the office, allowing them to receive calls and make calls.

In order to complete the installation, please ensure that you have your QR code ready, usually emailed to you automatically. The email will look like this: (Email from "PBX", subject "Your Account of UCM")

Step 1: Get the app

Go to the app store and search for "Grandstream Wave"; be sure to allow any permissions the app needs to work.


Step 2: Configure the app automatically using your barcode

Open the app "GS Wave"


Go to Account Settings and tap the + symbol to add an account...then tap UCM Account (Scan with QR Code)


...allow access to the camera...

Now use the camera to scan the QR code that you received in the email; it's important to choose the correct bar code, since the email will usually contain 4 codes - you need to scan "Public" under SIP Account Information (It's the 2nd QR code, so be sure not to scan the 4th one under the heading LDAP Config). Here's an example of the QR code:

Once scanned, the account should connect to the PBX phone system: a green light next to your extension number confirms success

Now you're ready to dial another user's extension, dial an external number, or dial your mailbox (*97). Anyone who calls your extension, or calls that route through to your extension, will cause your phone to ring - answer like any other phone.

Before you finish, check if you want the account to work even on 3G/4G (your mobile operator's network, using your data plan) - usually we recommend that you do! Tap Advanced Settings and ensure that WiFi Only is set to disabled. That's it - all done!