This is the updated generic firmware for the Huawei B2368 (Mar-2019). The firmware must be updated in 2 stages, and you must reset to factory defaults; don't worry - when these these 4G routers reboot they connect to the internet automatically as long as a valid SIM is present.

Download the 2 firmware parts, and unzip them:

By default you can log onto the GUI at with the following credentials: (if this password fails, use the admin password printed on the label on the router)

Username: admin

Password: CPE@huawei

Navigate to Maintenance > Software upgrade

Upload the 1st firmware file B2368_V100R001C00SPC085T.bin and be patient while step 1 of the upgrade takes place...

Next, upload the 2nd firmware file B2368-Modem_V100R001C00SPC085T.bin and wait for the upgrade to complete...

Finally, reset to factory defaults: Maintenance > Backup/Restore > Backup to Factory Defaults

Firmware upgrade complete!

After upgrading yo will notice new features, such as the ability to lock the use of specific frequency bands: