Please see the attached PDF, outlining the simple process to connect up the hardware. Please note that we do not supply a LAN switch - we expect the customer to either already have one, or to acquire one in readiness. The TG588 DSL modems are dispatched first, followed by the SD-WAN box a couple of days later. All cables and power supplies, and VDSL2 filters are supplied.

All hardware is pre-configured - please do not attempt to edit any settings locally, as everything is managed via the cloud.

Default IP config on LAN for SD-WAN box is:


Subnet mask:

Gateway:   <<< Please note: .250 not .17 (this is a virtual gateway)

DHCP: .20 through .98

DNS: &

Port forwarding and DMZ: administered via cloud login (request your specific details from us for admin access)

 (DHCP = to .98, GW=.250

The PDF contains a high-resolution version of the following diagram:

AMENDMENT: As of Sep-2019 please always use PORT 1 on all TG588 modems, regardless of which line they represent; new router config file only supports port 1.