Overview: how to reset and re-config an SD-WAN box

Info you will need:

  1. SD-WAN username
  2. SD-WAN password

  3. SD-WAN aggregation server IP address

  4. SD-WAN community ID

  5. PPPoE broadband username for each line

  6. PPPoE broadband password for each line

Step 1: reset the SD-WAN box (with power on) using a paperclip inserted into the reset hole for 10 seconds

Step 2: connect a laptop to the LAN (or WiFi connected to LAN) and log on to

            Username: admin        Password: Bonding123

The next steps can all be accessed from the "Settings" menu: (click "Save" after each setting)

Step 3: Reset the password to: Pass4SDWAN

Step 4: Set remote WAN access to "Open"

Step 5: Change the LAN subnet mask to

Step 6: Set each WAN to enabled, and enter the PPPoE broadband username and password

(repeat for WAN 2, using the broadband username and password for WAN 2)

Step 7: Enter the SD-WAN username, password, community ID, and the aggregation server IP

Finally, click "Save and reboot"