Our old Control Panel has been moved to Microsoft Azure hosted servers, and a consequence is that it now runs two layers of security (old and new). Whilst a modern Azure platform is in development, you may need to continue to access the old Control Panel. Follow these steps to ensure that you are not locked out:

In the instructions below, the "Login URL" is https://secure-cloud.biz/login/xxxx (replace "xxxx" with your domain name, for example https://secure-cloud.biz/login/my-biz.com)

  1. Open a private browsing tab (In Chrome "New Incognito Window", in Safari "New Private Window")
  2. Go to "Login URL" - do NOT attempt to login yet!

  3. Go to "Login URL" one more time (both layers of security are now active, old and new)

    1. You should see a link that you can click "REDIRECT: Click here to go to be redirected"

  4. Enter the username and password to login

We thank you for your patience whilst we finalize development of the new platform!