In order to prevent service outages we process payments automatically; in most cases you will receive simply instructions for authorizing direct debit. Occasionally we will accept a manual payment via bank transfer, usually for one-off charges, and we will provide clear instructions for payment well in advance - these instructions are printed on the bottom of your invoice.

If you need further assistance or have accounting related queries then please contact our account team directly during normal UK business hours (Mon-Fri, 09:00 - 17:00) via email (accounts @ or telephone (02920 03 03 03).

"What if my services are offline?"

Where you have previous good payment in place and this becomes revoked or otherwise rejected/expired, we will urgently contact you so that you can remedy the payment in order to ensure services remain online. Failure to promptly respond may lead to the outcome where we have to reduce our losses by suspending or even cancelling services; we absolutely do not want this outcome and welcome dialog if you are experiencing payment difficulties.