When a customer is ready to move their existing phone number into Cloud Voice, they will need to sign a CLoA (Customer Letter of Authority) form. Several scenarios are supported:

  • PSTN to Cloud Voice/SIP
  • ISDN to CLoud Voice/SIP
  • Multi-line PBX to Cloud Voice/SIP
  • Existing VoIP to Cloud Voice/SIP
  • Virtual (NGN, "non-geographic") number (08xxx, for example) to Cloud Voice/SIP

When will the port happen? An exact date and exact time can be agreed for the port, but we need at least 10 working days notice. Even though the customer may already be using Cloud Voice, additional numbers can be added and/or ported in, and once a number (or block of numbers) are available they can be designated as the primary number for a Cloud Voice PBX (IVR menu) or for an individual handset. This allows for zero "downtime" and time for the customer to become familiar with their Cloud Voice before making the leap of porting their number across.

Please see attached file versions - the "Word" version (*.docx) is fully editable, whereas the PDF version is for plain printing. 

If porting several numbers you may use page 2 (continuation sheet), and therefore both pages would require a signature - a signature on each page - from the customer; digital signatures are acceptable, and you may return the signed form as an attachment.