To escalate a FTTC fault we need the following details:

Customers should always do everything within their control to ensure the problem is not caused by something they themselves could fix.

 What type of fault does the customer have? Delete as appropriate:
 No sync / Dropping Connection / Authentication / Speed / Other

 Ensure the 7 Day Connection Report corresponds with issues the customer has reported.
 - Is the customer's telephone line ok?
 - If the line is noisy or they can't hear a dial tone, report the problem with the telephone provider.
 - Have they tested the connection with other devices disconnected, e.g. fax machines, telephones, Sky boxes?
 - Have they rebooted their equipment?
 - Ensure they keep their router powered up and plugged in.
 - Are they connected over PPPoE?

 If a speed problem, ensure the customer has performed a speedtest and completed the Further Diagnostics at
 - What router is the customer using?
 - Do they also have a separate Openreach modem?
 - What colour is the DSL light on their Openreach modem or router?

 Failure to complete the above checks could delay resolution of any problems and could also carry a charge should an engineer attend at a later stage and there not be a fault within the broadband network.
 - Site contact name:
 - Site contact number: