How to perform a bare metal restore using Online Backup Manager

Download the attached user guide.

Note: "ACB" (A-click Backup) is a cut-down version of the backup software, designed for simple file backup, and does NOT support bare metal restore.

Requirements: The operating system MUST support bare metal restore. For example: Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. You will need to have access to the backup file and the OS boot media.

Overview of restore process:

  1. Make sure that the restore backup file is available (either from a local backup that you made, or download itfrom the Online Backup Server)
  2. Boot the computer form the operating system DVD/CD media
  3. Choose the option to perform a full (or partial volume) restore
  4. Browse to the backup file
  5. Follow the operating system instructions to complete the restore

Full detailed instructions for performing a bare metal restore are in section 15 (page 124) of the user guide.

For operating systems that do not support bare metal restore you can still recover the computer to its fully functional state by restoring Windows System State; see section 13 (page 113) of the user guide