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How do I submit a ticket?

Our technical support staff are handling support requests using a ticket system. This highly efficient system allows a case-by-case priority to be assigned, meaning that we're able to escalate urgent requests. This system allows maximum staff resources to be focused on what you want: providing a fast solution. Front-line staff handle initial telephone support requests, allowing support staff to devote more time to answering tickets; please be assured that these staff will return your call whilst dealing with the support ticket resolution. However, you can put your ticket right into the queue from your mobile device or PC without the need to spend time on the phone.

One-click process

Just go to www.internetservices.eu.com/helpdesk on your phone, tablet or computer. Fill in your details and click submit. That's it!

(Providing you have included your mobile number we'll keep you up-to-date via TXT (sms) messages - very useful if your email is part of the problem that you need assistance with.)

+ Click here to create a new ticket