What is our Remote desktop support?

Our remote desktop support provides a way for our support staff to remotely connect to your device(s) and operate your device's display, mouse, keyboard as if we were onsite. Our solution works with Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone (iOS). We support the following types of devices:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Servers
  • Notebooks
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones


Usually our support staff will invite you to obtain this type of support, but you can request it at any time. You will need to go to http://support.internetservices.eu.com on your device, meaning that this type of support requires an Internet connection. You will be asked to enter a special code, and then automatically accept this software install (or app install on tablets/phones).


Go and make a cup of tea

Once we're connected we can reboot your computer, install and configure software, and more. Why not go and make a cup of tea whilst we get on with our work? Our support staff can schedule such support to take place out-of-business hours if need be. Once complete and disconnected our staff do not retain access to your device - the remote support session is disconnected and completely uninstalled, giving your confidence that your devices and data are secured.

Android keyboard settings