In order to install a new PSTN line at an address we need the following:

  • The number of an existing, live, telephone line at the address...OR...
  • Customer address already setup on our system for other services (such as SIP trunks, leased lines)...OR...
  • An Access Level Key (ALK) that verifies the address:
    • GALK: Gold ALK - this address is verified both on BT OpenReach and Royal Mail
    • ALK: (silver) - this address is not present, yet, on BT OpenReach but is verified on Royal Mail

If the address is not yet listed on Royal Mail ( then the occupant can fill in a form to register the address with Royal Mail:

If the occupant is a business then it is vital that the correct business name be registered; often there are many businesses within the same building address, and lack of registered business name can delay or prevent and order for a PSTN telephone line.

Once the address (and business name) are showing up on Royal Mail ( then we can generate an ALK for that address and proceed with PSTN services.

Exception to the Royal Mail PAF: if the building does not receive mail, for example a security office or remote unmanned storage unit, then such addresses are referred to as a "none delivery point". Such addresses can be verified with Royal Mail using the contact details below. IMPORTANT: If you want to order broadband services to such addresses it is vital that you let us know that the address is a "non delivery point address".

Address Management Unit, Royal Mail, Admiral House, 2 Admiral Way, Doxford International Business Park, SUNDERLAND, SR3 3XW


Telephone: 08456011110


PAF guidelines: