To setup and configure a SmarterMail email account on a PC, Mac, tablet or phone follow the built-in step-by-step software on the device for adding an email account. When asked what type of account to add we recommend using IMAP, with email sent using SMTP (port 587). The settings you require are as follows:

Username: this will be the full email address

Password: this will be the email password

Mail server:

Note: for all of the connection types below the authentication username is the full email address

HTTP (standard port 80)
HTTP using secure SSL (standard port 443)

POP3: standard port 110 - supports TLS (Secure SSL on standard port 995)

IMAP: standard port 143 - supports TLS (Secure SSL on standard port 993)

SMTP: standard port 25 (Secure TLS on standard port 587, and SSL only on standard port 465)
TLS on port 587 also supports "STARTTLS" - this is our recommended port (587) for sending email using SMTP

Email software

If you're looking for a free email client, we recommend Thunderbird because it works across Microsoft Windows PCs, Apple Mac devices, and also Linux.

Additional tip: Configure password recovery for the SmarterMail email account

From a "user" perspective

On the SmarterMail logon page click "Forgot your password?"
Enter your email address and the onscreen code (CAPTCHA code)
You will get a reset email sent to your backup email address from ""
Click the link in the reset email
Enter your new password to regain access to your account

Note: You chose your "backup" email address when you first logged into your webmail, or at any other time go to My Settings > Account Settings > Backup Email Address

From a domain admin perspective
Log onto SmarterMail as a domain admin
Go to Domain Settings > Users > [Edit a specific user]
On the "User" tab note the field "Backup Email Address"
You can overwrite this backup address on behalf of a user

Note: if you simply want to reset a user's password for them, you can enter the new password on the same page