All of our Technicolor routers ship with Remote Management hard-wired (even a router reset will preserve Remote Management).

How to access: httpS:// + ip address + /8443 ( Example: )

The username is: remoteadmin

The password is: {please contact us for the specific hard-wired password for the device}

Please see our related articles for things such as speed tests, WiFi diagnostics, user blocking/enabling, and so on...

Which model is best?

Our recommended model: DWA0120

  • Auto-sensing for FTTP (1 Gbps, via WAN Ethernet port); connects direct to ONT box on wall
  • Auto-sensing for FTTC (80 Mbps and 40 Mbps profiles); built-in modem connects to wall socket
  • Auto-sensing for ADSL (all profiles supported)
  • USB supports 5G/4G dongle for failover
  • AC 5 Ghz WiFi (3x3)
  • Higher spec CPU with DLNA Digital Media Server
  • Supports signal vectoring, Impulse Noise Protection and QoS for the best possible performance
  • Full spec sheet attached