Overview: Our usual routers may be substituted - we outline why, what substitutes we are using, and what options we have for businesses that may need 1 Gbps+ within the coming year.


The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused tech hardware supply-chain issues since the beginning of 2021, and is worsening. Outbreaks of COVID-19 cases in plants such as Foxconn Vietnam has led to a total shut down of production, causing months of backlogs. Compounding such production issues have been port closures in southern China after outbreaks in Guangzhou and Shenzen. Remaining router stock already in Europe are taking longer to reach distribution points in the UK due to post-Brexit driver shortages. Prices have increased for remaining stock in the channel, and our 2 key providers of pre-configured routers have this week both reached unprecedented “no stock” dilemmas.

As a contingency we will, 5 days prior to “go live” dates, evaluate stock (if any) and where we cannot guarantee our usual pre-configured routers we will ship one of the routers below (or equivalent spec); we will advise you in advance so that you can you can appraise the remote office or home worker of this pragmatic change.

For SoGEA data line orders*

TP-Link Archer VR400 AC v.3 - website: [ Click here ]


4x LAN

USB for 4G backup

RJ11 VDSL modem port

User guide: [ Click here ] 

Login: (Upon first use, enter the serial number as the password)

...TP-Link ID, "Log in later"

We may send an ASUS router that supports both SoGEA & FTTP, subject to availability

Set up internet by entering "PPPoE" (VALN 101) the supplied broadband username & password, then [Save]

Go to Advanced > System Tools > Administration > Remote Management

 Enable Remote Management via HTTPS, port 8443 [Save]

For FTTP pure fibre orders

Asus RT-AC58U V3 - website: [ Click here ]


4x LAN

USB for 4G backup

User guide: [ Click here ] 

Login: http://router.asus.com

Username: admin

Password: admin (change this to the Serial Number)

Set up internet by following the setup wizard: "PPPoE" and the supplied broadband username & password.

Go to Advanced Settings > Administration > System [tab] > Remote Access Config [Last section heading] > Enable Web Access from WAN (port 8443) > [Apply]

No PC or Mac? App available for iPhone/Android to setup router

[ Download Android app ]

For FTTP 1 Gbps+ pure fibre orders

MikroTik RB4011 - website: [ Click here ]

We will provide a custom config file to restore (with remote access built in)

Brochure: [ Click here ]

10 Gbps SFP+ fibre port; compatible with most business-class WiFi solutions