This article enables Admin users to remotely block (and enable) all users, instantly; this is an advantage over blocking at ISP level, which can take several hours to unblock.

All of our Technicolor routers ship with Remote Management hard-wired (even a router reset will preserve Remote Management).

How to access: httpS:// + ip address + /8443 ( Example: )

The username is: remoteadmin

The password is: {please contact us for the specific hard-wired password for the device}

Overview of steps:

  • Block LAN
  • Disable WiFi
  • Reboot

Log into the router remotely and you are presented with the block menu:

From the main menu select Local Network, and uncheck Ethernet ports 1-3 [eth1, 2, 3] (disabling them), and set DHCP "OFF", then click Save

From the main menu select Wireless, and set Interface > Enabled "OFF", then click Save

Whilst still in Wireless, you'll probably also notice a second WiFi with "-5G" at the end; click it and disable it's interface too, also clicking Save; this is the "AC" WiFi, which operates on a different wavelength than the standard WiFi.

From the main menu select Gateway, and click Restart

Once rebooted and logged in, verify that no users are connected (they are blocked), as listed in the Devices section of the main menu

When you are ready to unblock (enable) the users, the process is similar to the above:

  • Log into router
  • Go to Wireless and enable the interface (click Save)
    • Remember to also click the "-5G" wireless ("AC WiFi") and enable it's interface (click Save)
  • Go to Local Network and turn on DHCP, put a check in all Ethernet ports (click Save)
  • Go to Gateway and click Restart
  • Verify that the users are now online, as shown in the Devices are of the main menu