All of our Technicolor routers ship with Remote Management hard-wired (even a router reset will preserve Remote Management).

How to access: httpS:// + ip address + /8443 ( Example: )

The username is: remoteadmin

The password is: {please contact us for the specific hard-wired password for the device, often the serial number}

Please see our related articles for things such as speed tests, WiFi diagnostics, user blocking/enabling, and so on...

Local access

To logon locally (via a LAN cable or WiFi) go to and use the username "engineer" and the password is the "Access Key" printed on both the WiFi card and the router label.

Changing the broadband PPP creds (if re-cycling a router for use on another service)

Once logged in navigate to "Internet Access", edit the credentials and click "Save"

[PPP broadband creds are now updated]

Which model is best?

Our recommended model: DWA0120 (as of 2021 we now use the updated DWA0122 model)

  • Auto-sensing for FTTP (1 Gbps, via WAN Ethernet port); connects direct to ONT box on wall
  • Auto-sensing for FTTC (80 Mbps and 40 Mbps profiles); built-in modem connects to wall socket
  • Auto-sensing for ADSL (all profiles supported)
  • USB supports 5G/4G dongle for failover
  • AC 5 Ghz WiFi (3x3)
  • Higher spec CPU with DLNA Digital Media Server
  • Supports signal vectoring, Impulse Noise Protection and QoS for the best possible performance
  • Full spec sheet attached