How to configure your Linksys LRT224 for use with DIA (Dedicated Internet Access line)

Physical connection

Connect the "WAN" port of the LRT224 (WAN1, not WAN2 DMZ)) to the "Access" port on the router; in this example we show a typical BT optical network device (ADVA FSP150CP).

Connect a computer to one of the LAN ports on the LRT224 so that we can configure it before we connect it to your LAN.


The LRT224 will assign your computer a DHCP IP. Go to in a browser, and login as "admin" using the default password "admin":

Launch the setup wizard, and enter the IP settings provided for the WAN port:

[ once setup is complete, you will need to verify the port hardware config ]

Hardware port speed

Navigate to Configuration > Port Management > Port setup and verify the port speed.

IMPORTANT: If you have chosen a "100 Mbps" line, then the port speed will need to be hard-wired at 100

  • Deselect "Auto Negotiation"
  • Set "Duplex" to "Full"
  • Set "Speed" to "100M"
  • Click "Save"

Enable remote management

Navigate to Configuration > Firewall > General

Enable "Remote Management" and "HTTPS", click "Save"

Optional: more than 250 IPs

If you need more than 250 IP addresses on the LAN then you can add VLANs for each additional block. If your settings do not allow this, please contact us and request the special firmware file that allows these settings.

In this example we'll use (1000 IPs from to; we'll keep the LRT224 device as the LAN gateway on IP but change the subnet mask to We will add 4 VLANs for each block, and setup a DHCP server for each block. Thus, all 4 blocks of 250 IPs will be available to clients on the LAN.

Navigate to Configuration > Setup > Network

Click "Add a VLAN", and ensure that "Inter VLAN Routing" is enabled (also enable "Device Management"). Set LAN1,2,3 and 4 to "Tagged"

Save, and repeat. You need a total of 4 VLANs (1 for each IP block)

Navigate to Configuration > DHCP > DHCP Setup 

Select each VLAN and choose a "Device IP" for each block; for example VLAN1 =, VLAN2=

Choose a DHCP server IP range for this VLAN block; for example VLAN1 = to, VLAN2= to

Save, and repeat. 

Test and connect LAN

You should now be able to test internet connectivity and plug the LAN into our actual LAN switch.