Overview: some 3rd-party hardware can be flashed with a custom firmware (see below) to enable use with SD-WAN solution. Here we list the hardware that we will provide 100% support for.

ALIX Power Router 2+
8w3250 Mbps1 x LAN
PC-EnginesALIX Power Router 28w2250 Mbps1 x LAN
PC-EnginesALIX Power Router 1
100 Mbps1 x LAN
TP-LinkTL-WR1043ND v.3 (latest)5w1120 Mbps4 x LAN
TP-LinkTL-WR1043ND v.3 (latest)5w475 Mbps1 x LAN (WAN swapped with LAN)
TP-LinkTL-WDR3600 v1.5 (latest)5w1100 Mbps4 x LAN
LinksysWRT54GL v.1.1 (latest; tested to v.4.0)4.5w 12v/1A120 Mbps4 x LAN

Feel free to contact us for the latest custom firmware file, or download below; once configured on any version, updates will be applies automatically. Please note that any "WiFi" capability in the router will be disabled. Customers requiring WiFi and/or more LAN ports will need to provide their own switch and/or WiFi access point.

[Attached: firmware for above models; PDF guide for flashing WRT54GL]

PowerRouter 2 firmware

The attached Zip archive needs to be unzipped. It is a disk image which can be restored to an SD card (4GB or larger) using the Clone Zilla bootable USB. To create a Clone Zilla bootable USB stick:

Once you boot from the Clone Zilla USB, insert a blank 4GB+ SD card and choose to copy the "disk image" (the folder that you unzipped "PowerRouter2ver2-5.zip") to the SD card. If the SD card is large than 4GB you will be given the option to use the entire space, which you should. Generally, just accepts the defaults and you should end up with an SD card that can be inserted into a Power Router 2 mainboard. Turn on and attempt to log in at 

Photo: PC Engines APU 3c

Addendum: notes if using older "ALIX1" boxes...

[WAN2] [WAN1] [LAN] The NIC ports are opposite to the newer APU3 (shown above) - LAN port is far-right, WAN 1 in middle, WAN 2 on far left.

Factory reset IP & password different. If you reset to factory defaults then the LAN IP reverts to (not .17) and the admin password reverts to admin (not Bonding123)

Storage card is CF flash, not SD card. You will need a 1GB or larger CF card. You can download the image file here to flash a blank card yourself (image taken from Alix 2d board): https://internetservices.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000866485-sd-wan-power-router-1-firmware