Overview: Quick Assist is a Microsoft tool to both receive and provide remote support - it's built into Windows 10, so no need to install addiitonal software and no additional license cost is needed - it's free! If you are regularly needing to provide support, and/or need to provide support to users of Apple Mac devices too, feel free to contact us and ask about our enterprise solutions including ConnectWise - various licensing options allow you and your staff to provide secure support to Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android phones/tablets and even Linux machines with the ability to connect to unattended computers and automatically reconnect if rebooted. For a free and quick way to securely support Windows users, continue to use Quick Assist below.

Get started: launch Quick Assist

Click the Windows Start button and type "Quick", then click the app called "Quick Assist"

If you are receiving support

Type in the code that the person providing support has given you (codes usually expire within a few minutes), and click "Share screen". That's it! You will be be sharing your screen with the person providing support (close Quick Assist to end support).

If you are providing support

Because the security code will only last a few minutes, first ensure that the person receiving support has already launched Quick Assist and is waiting to type in the code. Now click the button "Assist another person" and instruct the person receiving support to type in the code. You will then be automatically connected to the other person's computer screen(s). If the person closes Quick Assist or restarts their computer, simply repeat the process to continue providing remote support.

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