Note: for all of the connection types below the authentication username is the full email address
Username/password transmitted in plain text - no encryption supported

HTTP: (standard port 80)
HTTP using secure SSL: not available
You may want to create a folder in the root of your Basic Linux PHP website called "webmail", then create a file
called "index.php" which contains the following:

  header( 'Location:' ) ; 

This would enable your client to type to access their email via the web.

POP3: standard port 110 (Secure TLS on standard port 995 - not available)
Server address: pop3.{} - For example: standard port 143 (Secure TLS on standard port 993 - not available) Server address: imap.{} - For example: standard port 25 replaced with port 587 (Secure TLS on standard port 587, and SSL only on standard port 465 - not available) TLS on port 587 also supports "STARTTLS"? No. Server address: smtp.{} - For example: