When a customer orders a handset it is configured for a specific user and pre-configured at the central BT Wholesale warehouse, then shipped the next day direct to the user. When the user connects the handset to a network port (with internet access), the handset will automatically communicate with the Cloud Voice server and download firmware updates and config. It will then reboot itself and is immediately ready to make and receive calls; this entire process is just a few minutes. Once online, the administrator can configure and even reassign the handset to another user directly from the Cloud Voice control panel; there is no need to "log in" to the device itself.

When ordering a Yealink T46S, please be aware that it is designed to be power via PoE. If the user does not have a PoE switch, such as a home worker or small office, then be sure to order the separate Yealink T4xx power supply too.

The attached manual explains most of the everyday tasks that can be carried out by a standard user; this is not the administrator's guide.