The Cloud Voice portal allows you to upload greetings, menus, information announcements and music on hold. The format should be:

CCITT u-Law WAV with 8kHz, 5MB, Mono

However, an easy way to record your own voice is to download the "Broadsoft Recorder" app, available for iPhone and Android phones.

Once downloaded, simple record and name your files. Once you have your recording(s), click the share option to upload to OneDrive, email and so on.

You can then upload your recordings to Cloud Voice portal, knowing that the recordings are already in the correct audio format.

For more advanced recordings, such mixed audio, dubbed, voice-overs, music on hold and so forth, you can convert most WAV or MP3 files into the phone PBX standard here: 

For fully-hosted Cloud Voice convert to: BroadWorks Classic (8Khz, Mono, u-law)

For onsite PBX (Grandstream) convert to: Asterisk Standard

    Sound file must be PCM encoded, 16 bits at 8000Hz mono in mp3/wav (The file size must be less than 5MB).