Overview: In order to cater for legacy devices (fax machines, warehouse telephone alarms and so on) we have enabled the use of Cisco SPA 112 hardware. This article explains the process to (1) create a provisioning account and (2) provision the unit.

Note: the phone ports on the rear are FXO (for RJ11 plugs) - if your device is connector is a BT431A (as is common on standard BT residential telephones) then you will need a BT431A to RJ11 adapter (not included).

BT431A to RJ11 adapter (sold separately)

Step 1: Obtain a provisioning account

We will usually provide the Cisco SPA-112 unit for you, but you will need to verify the MAC address (printed on the label) once you receive the unit. Once you confirm the MAC address and the Cloud Voice user account, we will build the auto-provisioning file. (You can also add the device yourself via the portal)

Step 2: Provision the Cisco SPA-112 unit

Connect the supplied Ethernet cable to the WAN port, and power on. Log into the web GUI of the Cisco unit; you can dial **** followed by 110# to get eh Cisco unit the read out it's current IP address. Default username/password are admin and admin.

Navigate to Voice > Provisioning > [Type the following URL into the Profile Rule field and click Submit]


The Cisco unit will begin a 3-cycle reboot; each cycle around 5 minutes long. The unit will pull down a customized firmware, apply the firmware, and finally pull down and apply the customized config for that user account. Upon final reboot it will beep once and the web GUI is now disabled to prevent the user modifying any details; using the reset button on the rear of the unit will erase the customized firmware and restore the unit to factory defaults.

Make inbound/outbound test calla to confirm that the unit operates as desired.

Whilst we can only provide initial provisioning support for this unit (we strongly recommend dedicated VoIP phones where possible), we will give our best efforts. Further support and documentation available direct from Cisco: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/unified-communications/spa112-2-port-phone-adapter/