Overview: The easy-to-use app for iPhone and Android smartphones allows rich features alongside simply calling in/out. Works on WiFi, 5G, 4G and even 3G networks! Easy to install and intuitive to use right away, this app does not need a physical desk-based handset, but will happily work in parallel with your desk phone (if you have one). This app gives uses of Cloud Voice the mobility of a smartphone, with the functions of the office.

Get the apps...

When you log into the web portal (see end of this article) then you can see all of the applications to download:

...or if you're in a rush just download them from the Apple or Android store:

iPhone (and iPad)


Android phones (and tablets)


Sign in

Sign in using your App username and password; this is usually your individual Cloud Voice phone number + the "@" symbol + your email domain name. Be sure to check enable the "Remember Password" option so that you don't need to sign in again.

Access all existing phone contacts

Just tap the user icon, click the drop-down link (on the right) and select "Phone Contacts" to instantly access all your existing phone contacts:

Making calls

Just dial the number, or click from your contacts. 

Web portal

You may also log in at https://voice.ispcloud.co.uk/businessportal to manage your number, and any physical handsets, including voice messages and number forwarding. When you log in to the Portal (which has it's own password - usually the same as your App) the username is your phone number and the domain is the part of your email address after the "@" symbol.

Number redirection & simultaneous ring

Once of the convenient features is to easily enable/disable simultaneous ring (ring your desk phone + your mobile or other location), or simply call divert (always divert to your mobile or other location).

Changing your app password

Once logged in to the portal you can change your portal password AND also the app password; the password to log into the web portal is separate to the "Application" password (the iPhone and Android mobile apps). To change the mobile app password simply select "Application" in the "Password to change" drop-down list, and type & re-type your new password, then click Save.

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